Jim Cheung


keyboard shortcuts

here are some useful keyboard shortcuts. I'm using microsoft wedge bluetooth keyboard and android v4.1, it might be invalid for different device or android version.

stock browser

chrome and firefox support keyboard shortcuts too, but I found the stock browser is the best one working with external keyboard.


not so useful:

system wise shortcuts

you can use these shortcuts anywhere

there're many others, but i didn't find anything else is useful for my daily work.

console on non-root device

I'm using zopo zp950 (a samsung note clone), which is difficult to be root. But there are useful apps could provide workarounds.

terminal ide

includes console (with tmux!), busybox tools and customized vim for android java development, also a useful soft keyboard.

it doesn't support dns resolving, use jping domain to get ip.

it doesn't have scp, but can use rsyc: alias scp='rsync -avzP'

alias ssh='ssh -i ~/.ssh/id_rsa'
alias scp='rsync -avzP -e "ssh -i /data/data/com.spartacusrex.spartacuside/files/.ssh/id_rsa"' 

vim touch

vim on your android, but it doesn't support dropbox


supports dropbox, sftp, git repository. usually i edit with vim touch and upload/download with droidedit.


supports python, jruby, perl, rhino, php, beanshell. with some extra works you could run them under terminal ide, but spend some money for a vps is more practical.