Midnight Commander

common commands

  • tab: switch panel
  • ctrl-o: switch to shell
  • ins: select multiple items (mac user can use ctrl-t)
  • ctrl-r: refresh
  • alt-?: find file
  • alt-s or ctrl-s: quick search
  • ctrl-\ : hot list
  • ctrl-x c: chmod
  • ctrl-x o: chown
  • ctrl-x s: symbolic link
  • alt-c: quick cd
  • +: group select base on pattern (you can enter *.jpg for example)
  • \ : group unselect base on pattern
  • *: reverse select
  • ctrl-x ctrl-d: diff files
  • shift F5: copy file within same directory

command line, enter su, it will ask you password and relaunch as root


  • esc-tab: for shell autocompletion (since tab is already used as panel switch)
  • alt-p and alt-n: to navigate history
  • ctrl-enter or alt-enter: copy current filename to the shell
  • ctrl-shift enter copy current filename to the shell (full path)


  • alt-,: switch panel horizontally or vertically
  • alt-t: change list mode
  • alt-i: sync current directory to another panel (both panel under same directory now)
  • ctrl-u: swap panels
  • alt-o: open directory on another panel
  • <-: parent directory

tip: set another skin for root, so its easier know you are using root


use this wrapper if you want mc exit to the directory you were in.

simply add alias mc='. /usr/lib/mc/mc-wrapper.sh' to .bashrc.

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