Jim Cheung

reading notes on

Programming Groovy 2

Chapter 1, Getting Started

Chapter 2, Groovy for Java Eyes

Chapter 3, Dynamic Typing

Chapter 4, Using Closures excerpt

Chapter 5, Working with Strings

Chapter 6, Working with Collections

Chapter 7, Exploring the GDK

Chapter 8, Working with XML

Chapter 9, Working with Databases

Chapter 10, Working with Scripts and Classes

Chapter 11, Exploring Meta-Object Protocol (MOP)

Chapter 12, Intercepting Methods Using MOP

Chapter 13, MOP Method Injection

Chapter 14, MOP Method Synthesis

Chapter 15, MOPping Up

Chapter 16, Applying Compile Time Metaprogramming

Chapter 17, Groovy Builders

Chapter 18, Unit Testing and Mocking

Chapter 19, Creating DSLs in Groovy