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Tuesday, May 09, 2017

some tools to try:

basho/bitcask is a key-value storage engine written in erlang, something like leveldb

for graph database backend, can try cayleygraph/cayley, written in golang

like redux, mobxjs/mobx is a tool to manage javascript application state, like re-frame.

about lua:

to build a standalone executable lua script, can use ers35/luastatic

How itch.io uses Coroutines for non-blocking IO


Writing Node.js scripts with ClojureScript

Running TensorFlow in Clojure

Rust for Clojurists

changed my mono font to IBM PS/2thin2 from The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack, it looks very good.

Friday, May 12, 2017

testing with more emacs packages:

winner-mode is not straightforward to use, I want some window manager works like tmux

then I found this package: wasamasa/eyebrowse: A simple-minded way of managing window configs in emacs

easy to use, just install and put (eyebrowse-mode 1) in init.el

also a set of simple hotkeys:

| C-c C-w <      | Switch to previous window config |
| C-c C-w >      | Switch to next window config     |
| C-c C-w '      | Switch to last window config     |
| C-c C-w "      | Close current window config      |
| C-c C-w ,      | Rename current window config     |
| C-c C-w 0 .. 9 | Switch to window config 0 .. 9   |

this one is more complicated: syohex/emacs-emamux: tmux manipulation from Emacs

however sometimes it might be easier just send commands from emacs to tmux, without leaving emacs

Saturday, May 20, 2017

History of Emacs and vi Keys is a good read. it tells me something new about emacs and vi, and solves some puzzles.

the most important thing to me is, ctrl keys on old lisp machine keyboard are besides the spacebar (means command key on mac or alt key on windows).

I tried mapping command as ctrl, wow, the movements is more natural and most commands are much easier to access. I'm not sure whether it's a good idea to do it on windows keyboard (switching ctrl and alt), but for mac, I'm pretty sure I want command to be ctrl.

good news for kotlin, google makes it the official language of android. I don't have project written in kotlin now, but maybe I will pick it up again for some android experiments.

some database news:

An open-source web platform for the new President of France (Symfony Blog)

this, could be the architecture for many php apps. open sourced at EnMarche/en-marche.fr: La plateforme citoyenne d'En Marche !

I feel so good to see something that is not microservices.

talking about microservices, from at least 3 podcasts I listened, they all mentioned domain driven design.

I didn't read the book yet, because surprisingly local library doesn't have this book. the price is quite high even for kindle version. I may try borrow it from friends.

recently I like to watch talks while taking bus, I subscribed a lot.

GOTO Conferences 2017 videos are on youtube:

Devoxx also uploaded many new videos on youtube:

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

few good talks I watched recently:

Testing Stateful and Concurrent Systems Using test.check

usually I'll ignore any talk that is about test. but I glad I watched this one by Eric Normand.

Generative testing is pretty powerful, and can actually produce more reliable system. I need to start using test.check.

Clojure, Java 9, and You, pretty good on covering changes in Java 9

Cutting Edge Chatops with Elixir & Erlang

never heard about chatops before, but I think it's nice to have chat bots to do ops for you, if acl done right.

also this video introduces me genstage

quite interested in ets as well: Elixir ETS Versus Redis

How we program multicores - Joe Armstrong

the original reason for erlang's shared-nothing message passing system, is fault tolerance, not scalability.

borrowed Reactive Programming with RxJava

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

watched an interesting talk: Clarifying Rules Engines with Clara Rules

I never used any rules engine library before, need more study on this topic first.

PHP has library for rules engine: bobthecow/Ruler: A simple stateless production rules engine for PHP 5.3+

found a good looking mono font: AUdimat Mono

Use & Modify lists more fonts.

clojure community caught lots of attention recently.

First is the reddit post: Interesting Discussion on Clojure Growth and Direction

I check r/clojure every day, that is the most commented thread in a long time.

then it hits hackernews: Is Clojure dying, and what has Ruby got to do with it? | Hacker News

further readings:

I don't think clojure is dying. java is 20+ years old, lisp is 50+ years old. clojure probably will never become a mainstream language but it will be around.

many people said jvm is one of the reason cause clojure declining, I think clojure is safe because of jvm. kotlin is a better java, no doubt about it, but it can't kill java. kotlin may go native eventually, let's see how it goes without jvm.

jvm is not just a runtime environment, it's a huge ecosystem and just will not disappear in few years.

I think I'm a better programmer because of clojure, I'm not a good clojure programmer yet,

clojure is not perfect and no other language is, keep coding and stop worrying.

couple good articles on clojure:

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