Jim Cheung

Thursday, March 24, 2022

long time no update, WFH for a long time already

still keep reading:

about react

I always hate eslint complaining hook dependency list, but maybe I should dive deeper to try to understand it..

anyways, I ported a simple app from react to solid.js, it actually was quite easy one note is in order to bundle solid.js with esbuild, will need a build.js:

const { build } = require('esbuild')
const { solidPlugin } = require('esbuild-plugin-solid')

  entryPoints: ['app.jsx'],
  bundle: true,
  outfile: 'dist/app.js',
  plugins: [solidPlugin()],
}).catch(() => process.exit(1))

while reading Powerful Command-Line Applications in Go, I'm also slowly building a set of command line tools for myself

according to my experience on pinebook pro, which comes with an arm v7 architecture os, very difficult to install some tools on it but two ecosystems are relatively easy to setup – java and go

for command line tools, go is an obvious choice, I can also easily build a binary for a different os architecture

one tool I wanted to write is a simple command to practice zettelkasten

currently I'm using this one: gsilvapt/pmz: Poor Men Zettelkasten

it uses couple useful libraries:

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