Jim Cheung

Friday, September 28, 2018

didn't update for a long time. I don't touch computer after work during these days.

spent most my time on netflix and spotify, bought an Audioengine D3 DAC/Headphone Amp, it's super good, improves soundstage, bass and isolation instantly.

also got two headphones: Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee and Thinksound On2

On2 is good, Jubilee I think need more time to burn-in.

use this trick to stay in the same directory after exit ranger:

alias ranger='source ranger'

for me, this it better than use S to open shell

I will use ranger for directory navigation, then use find or grep -r or git to quick search, pipe the output to fpp, pretty happy with it

readings, actually I read a lot these days, I got my own safari online subscription

didn't finish many but read lots

recent list including:

I also bought a physical book: A Philosophy of Software Design, recommended by old colleagues, will read it this weekend.

still reading tech news daily, but too lazy to drop points, check tweets for my bookmarks.

now back to watch netflix ...

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