Jim Cheung

Sunday, September 17, 2023

I still prefer developing in pure js for my notebook, but also seeking alternative way to better manage the code base

luckily, minimalistic approach is also trending now, just spotted another one on HN: Nue

in the discussion, I also added couple library to my shortlist:

a good story: No sacred masterpieces

then I'm thinking maybe the excel tool mentioned could be useful for my notebook: WebSheets/websheets: A ready-to-use component for spreadsheets in the browser

very excited about emacs 29, however it looks like it's better to leave everything behind and start over again to write a new init.el:

one useful resource is emacs-bedrock: Stepping stones to a better Emacs experience

but I couldn't find the time yet ...

more about emacs 29

in emacs, ts refers to tree-sitter :p

noteworthy links:

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