Jim Cheung

Monday, May 02, 2022

revisiting babashka/babashka for quick command line tooling

now you can simply download a binary from their releases page, no need to use brew install anymore which is a good news for me, because my homebrew is quite broken..

I also like its task runner, looks like could build some complex pipeline from it

development is simple, just start a nrepl (I still prefer to use nrepl)

$ bb nrepl-server 1667

Thursday, May 05, 2022

after reading What are your Most Used Self Hosted Applications?

I tried NginxProxyManager/nginx-proxy-manager, pretty good, easy to setup and support custom ssl key/cert files, added to my dev toolbox

portainer/portainer looks complicated, most of my projects in work have docker-compose file, so this one is not very useful to me

saw another tool for single sign-on: Keycloak, also looks simple to use, will try later

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

writing more and more babashka scripts recently, I really enjoy writing it, babashka has reasonablely good choice of libraries, I rarely need to install extra libraries.

also I love it releases as single binary, I hate homebrew for essential tools

because now babashka has binary for arm64, it's time to re-install my pinebook pro; another reason is it's hard to keep update with firefox

Manjaro ARM has the best support for pinebook pro hardware, I picked xfce desktop because it is lightweight and I only need a terminal and the browser.

download balenaEtcher and flash the image to microsd card, the pinebook pro should be able to boot from it

previously /manjaro/ provides installer image, but not anymore, instead you can install a gui tool to flash the image to emmc

install it with pacman -S manjaro-arm-flasher, then can easily flash an image to emmc

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